• 254th ACS Meeting in Washington DC, USA (invited)
    20.-24. August 2017
    Theme: "Learning from Peptides How to Solubilize Problematic Small Molecule Drugs: 'Specific interacting polymers via CRP'"

  • European Polymer Congress, Lyon, France
    02.-07. July 2017
    Theme: "Translating Peptides to Precision Polymers"

  • Advanced Polymers via Marcomolecular Engineering 2017, Ghent, Belgium (invited)
    21.-25. May 2017
    Theme: "Specifically Interacting Polymers: Can Polymer Chemists still learn anything from mussels?"

  • Meeting of the GDCh-Division of Macromolecular Chemistry, Martin-Luther Universität Halle, Germany (invited)
    11.-13. September 2016
    Theme: "From Primary Structures to Precise Functions"

  • 3rd ERC Grantees Conference: "Frontiers in Chemistry" in Zandfoort, The Netherlands (invited)
    31. August -02. September 2016
    Theme: "Specifically Interacting Polymers: 'Peptide Mimetic Precision Polymers'"

  • 252nd ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. USA
    21.-25. August 2016
    Theme: "Peptide Mimetic Precision Polymers"

  • 5th Zing Polymer Conference, Dublin, UK (invited)
    05.-08. August 2016
    Theme. "From Primary Structure to Functions: 'Learning how to solve problems'"

  • Colloquium of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1112
    27. April 2016
    Theme: "Specific transdermal drug transporters: Tailoring Transporters in two Dimensions"

  • Pacifichem 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (invited)
    15.-21. December 2015
    Theme: "Peptide-polymer conjugates tools to precisely define interactions in macromolecular systems"

  • IUPAC European Polymer Congress 2015, epf 2015 @ Dresden, Germany
    21.-26. June 2015
    Theme: "Peptide-polymer conjugates tools to precisely define interactions in macromolecular systems"

  • Colloquium of the Collaborative Research Centres SFB 1112 (overcoming barriers transdermal delivery) ar Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
    21. May 2015
    Theme: "Specifically Interacting Polymers: Possibilities offered for biomedical applications"

  • 249th ACS National Meeting in Denver, USA
    22.-26. March 2015
    Theme: "Learning from peptides and realizing by polymers: Translating bioinspired sequences toward synthetic polymers to explore sequence specific interactions"

  • 1st Euro-sequences Meeting @ Institute Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France
    29.-30. January 2015
    Theme: "Precision Polymers: Exploring Structure & Exploiting Functions"

  • Macromolecular Colloquium @ Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz & MPI Polymer Research
    27. January 2015
    Theme: "Peptide im Dienste der Polymerwissenschaften: „Von gelösten Problemen zur vermittelten Verträglichkeit"

  • Research Seminar at Adolphe Merkle Institut of Bioinspired Marerials (Universität Fribourg, Switzerland)
    24. January 2015
    Theme: "Bioinspired Polymers: An entire world in between plastics and proteins"

  • Colloquium @ Stratingh Institute of Chemistry, University of Gronigen
    13. January 2015
    Theme: "Specifically Interacting Polymers"

  • Minisymposium Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
    19. November 2014
    Theme: “Vergrößerung der strukturellen und funktionellen Diversität in der organischen Chemie”

  • 35. Max-Bergmann-Konferenz 2014 Pfofeld-Langlau, Deuschland
    28. September-1. October 2014
    Theme: “Peptide im Dienste der Polymerwissenschaften (Spezifische Solubilisatoren, Beschichtungen und Kompatibilisatoren)”

  • Henkel - ESAB Meeting
    25.-26. August 2014
    Theme: Prologue to “Frontiers in Chemistry ‐ The Basis for Advanced Materials”

  • 248th ACS National Meeting @ SF, USA
    10.-14. August 2014
    Theme: "Using CRP to translate bioinspired sequences toward synthetic polymers: Exploring sequence specific interactions“

  • 247th ACS National Meeting in Dallas, Texas
    16.-20. March.2014
    Theme: "Peptide-polymer conjugates tools to precisely define interactions in macromolecular systems"

  • Joint symposium on hybrid mater: Princeton meets Humboldt , Berlin
    27. October 2013
    Theme: "Bioinspired Polymer Sciences“

  • ACS 246th @ Indianapolis, Indiana
    08.-12. September 2013
    Theme: "Bioinspired Polymer Science: „Peptide-polymer conjugates as models to explore the functional space of precision polymers“"

  • german-korean polymer symposium 2013, University of Hamburg
    26.-29. August 2013
    Theme: "Specifically interacting polymers“

  • Universität Bayreuth, GDCh
    18. July 2013
    Theme: "Bioinspirierte Polymerwissenschaft“

  • Universität Duisburg-Essen, GDCh
    03. July 2013
    Theme: "„Eine neue Welt zwischen Kunststoffen und Proteinen“"

  • Universität Paderborn, Germany GDCh
    03. December 2012
    Theme: "Programming and regulating functions of biohybrid polymers”

  • Nanopeptide 2012, Manchester, UK
    12.-14. November 2012
    Theme: "Programming and regulating self-assembly of peptide-polymer conjugates”

  • The Hans and Marlies Zimmer Award Week, University of Cincinnati, USA
    06. April 2012
    Theme: "Bioinspired Polymer Science: “An entire world in between plastics and proteins””

  • University of Cincinnati, USA
    02. April 2012
    Theme: "Tutorial: Routes to enlarge the structural and functional space of soft matter“

  • P2M (Precision Polymer Materials), Obernai (Strasbourg), France
    11.–14. December 2011
    Theme: "New perspectives in regulation of polymer self-assembly by precision peptide-polymers

  • 1st Joint Symposium of CCS and GDCh
    29.– 30. November 2011
    Theme: "Making Smart Polymers Smarter (智能聚合物聪明): Programming and Regulating soft-matter structure formation in peptide-polymer conjugates)

  • Bayreuth Polymer Symposium; BPS 2011 – Bayreuth
    11.– 14. September 2011
    Theme: "Regulation of self-assembly in peptide-block-polymers"

  • APME IUPAC 9th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering2011 - Cappadocia – TURKEY
    04.– 08. September 2011
    Theme: "Increased Precision of Macromolecular Synthesis to Make Smart Polymers Smarter"

  • ACS 242th @ Denver, USA
    28. August - 01. September 2011
    Theme: "Activity control of enzymatic properties in protein-polymer conjugates"

  • Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France
    22. February 2011
    Theme: "Programming and regulating self-assembly of biohybrid polymers “Routes to enlarge the structural and functional space of soft matter”

  • Henkel
    17. September 2010
    Theme: “Struktur- und Funktionskontrolle in Polymersystemen

  • Sino-German Symposium, Chengdu @ Sichuan University
    05.-09 September 2010
    Theme: "Peptide-Polymer conjugates (肽聚合物复合物) Programming Macromolecules for biomedical applications"

  • ACS 240th @ Boston, USA
    21. – 27 August 2010
    Theme: "Programming and regulating self-assembly processes of block copolymers towards the formation of anisotropic nanostructures"

  • 3rd Sino-German Frontiers of Chemistry Symposium (Satellite Meeting: “Materials Science”, Konstanz, Germany)
    15. - 16. August 2010
    Theme: "Peptide-polymer Conjugates that Mimic Silicateins (Controlling the formation of Composite Fibers)"

  • 3rd Sino-German Frontiers of Chemistry Symposium (Seeon, Germany)
    11. - 15. August 2010
    Theme: "Making Smart-polymers Smarter - Programming and regulating soft-matter structure formation processes"

  • 43rd IUPAC World Polymer Congress Macro2010 @ Glasgow, UK
    11. – 16. July 2010
    Theme: "Enzyme Controlled Self-Assembly of Peptide-Polymer Conjugates"

  • Tag der Chemie, Berlin
    16. June 2010
    Theme: "Den Spinnen abgeschaut: Supramolekulare Materialien nach biologischen Vorbildern"

  • Polymeric Biomaterials Conference, Reading
    15.-16.April 2010
    Theme: "Inspired by Biopolymers - Precisely controlling interactions in synthetic polymers"

  • 44th Meeting of the German Colloid Society, Hamburg
    28.-30. September 2009
    Theme: "Regulating the self-assembly of polymer-block-peptide conjugates"

  • ACS PMSE 2009 in Washington
    16.-22. August 2009
    Symposium of Bioinspired Hierarchical Soft & Hybrid Materials
    Theme: "Approaches to regulate the peptide-guided organization of bioconjugates"

  • MRS 2009 in San Francisco
    14.-17. April 2009
    Symposium of Bioinspired Hierarchical Soft & Hybrid Materials
    Theme: "Peptide-polymer Conjugates that Mimic Functions of Silicateins - Controlling the formation of Composite Fibers"

    26. November 2008
    Theme: "Macromolecular Chimera" Syntheses, Applications and Potentials.

  • Polydays 2008 FU-Berlin, Germany
    1. - 2. October 2008
    Theme: Switch it on: Controlling Self-assembly Processes in Peptide-Polymer Conjugates.

  • GDCh Fachgruppentagung: Makromolekulare Chemie 2008, Aachen
    28.-30. September 2008
    Theme: Programming Peptide-Polymer Conjugates to Mimic Functions of Silicateins.

  • German-Korean Network Conference: IC-PSM 2008, Busan, Korea
    22.-27. September 2008
    Theme: Monodisperse Poly(amid)s a Platform to Tailor Macromolecules for the Biomedical Field.

  • Polymers in Life Sciences, PILS 2008; Basel
    28. - 30. August 2008
    Theme: Pseudopeptides as DNA packing and delivery tools.

  • ACS Meeting 2008; Division of Polymer Chemistry; Philadelphia
    17.-21. August 2008
    Invited tutorial on Biohybrid Polymers
    Theme: Using CRP tools to introduce peptides and proteins into the world of polymer science.
    Tutorial is available on:
    (Folder: ACS 08 Philadelphia)

  • ACS Meeting 2008; Division of Polymer Chemistry; Philadelphia
    17.-21. August 2008
    Theme: RAFT, a powerful tool to bioactive peptide-polymer conjugates

  • Evonik Meets Science 2007, Essen
    22.-23. October 2007
    Theme: Designing Polymers @ the Interface to Biology.

  • GDCh Fachgruppentagung: Makromolekulare Chemie 2007, Ulm
    16.-19. September 2007
    Symposium of the Dr. Hermann-Schnell award
    Theme: Oligopeptide im Dienste der Polymerwissenschaften. 

  • 3rd STIPOMAT conference, Les Diablerets, Switzerland
    14.-17. October 2007
    Theme: Mimicking Biosilicification: Programmed Co-assembly of Peptide-Polymer-Nanotapes and Silica.

  • REACT 2007, TU-Dresden, Dresden
    23.-26 September 2007
    Theme: Switch-Peptides as Reactive Polymer Segments Triggering Nanostructure Formation.

  • Kolloquium 2007, Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden
    19. September 2007
    Theme: Polymerdesign an der Grenzfläche zur Biologie (Kontrolle von Struktur, Funktion und Bioaktivität).

  • IUPAC International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization 2007, Kloster Banz
    02.-07 September 2007
    Theme: Tolerating Multifunctionality: Versatile routes to peptide-polymer conjugates via controlled radical polymerization techniques.

  • Bayreuth Polymer Symposium 2007 (BPS `07), University of Bayreuth, Germany
    09.-11 September 2007
    Theme: Programmed co-assembly of polymer-peptide nanofibers and silica to mimic bio-glass fiber formation.

  • ACS Meeting 2007; Division of Polymer Materials and Engineering; Boston
    19.-23. August 2007
    Theme: “Switch it ON”: Peptide-Guided Organization of synthetic Polymers.

  • European Polymer Congress, EPF 2007, Portoroz
    02.-06. July 2007
    Theme: Programming Polymer-peptide Conjugates to Co-assemble with Silica into Fiber-reinforced Composites.

  • 7. Workshop für den Hochschullehrernachwuchs der GDCh-Fachgruppe Makromolekulare Chemie
    15. June 2007
    Theme: Polymers with Monodisperse Segments: Programming Structure and Function in Polymer materials.

  • Max Planck Institute of Polymer research, Mainz (Invited by Prof. Müllen)
    29. May 2007
    Theme: Macromolecular Chimera: Exploiting Oligopeptides for Polymer Science.

  • Kolloquium 2007, Technische Universität Dresden
    4. May 2007
    Theme: “Molekulare Chimäre” Synthese – Anwendungen und Potentiale.

  • FU Berlin, OC-Colloquium
    17. April 2007
    Theme: From common block copolymers to Chimera: Increasing the informational content in polymers.

  • ETH Zürich, Materials Colloquium (Invited by Prof. Schlüter)
    23. May 2007
    Theme: Macromolecular Chimera: Exploiting Oligopeptides for Polymer Science.

  • Makromolekulares Kolloquium, Freiburg
    21. - 24. February 2007
    Theme: Oligopeptide im Dienste der Polymerwissenschaften: Struktur- und Funktionskontrolle in Polymersystemen.

  • International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics (ISPT-07), Berlin
    18. - 21. February 2007
    Theme: Sequence-defined Poly(amido amines): A platform to tailor macromolecules for the biomedical field.

  • Organisches Kolloquium 2006, Philipps-Universität Marburg
    18. December 2006
    Theme: “Molekulare Chimäre” Synthesen – Wechselwirkungen und Strukturen.

  • SFB569: “Hierarchic Structure Formation and Function of Organic-Inorganic Nanosystems”
    5.-6. December 2006
    University Ulm (Invited by Prof. Bäuerle)
    Theme: Hierarchically-ordered Inorganic-Bioorganic-Hybrid Systems.

  • FB Bio-Ingenieurwissenschaften an der Universität Dortmund
    25. October 2006
    Theme: “Molekulare Chimäre” Synthese – Anwendungen und Potentiale.

  • Max-Bergmann-Konferenz 2006
    8. - 11. October 2006
    Theme: Von Nano- zu Mikrofasern durch Peptidgeleitete Organisation.

  • Polydays 2006 BAM-Berlin, Germany
    4.-6. October 2006
    Theme: Self-organizing Macromolecules.

  • PolyPharma 2006, Universität Halle, Halle-Saale; Germany
    24.-26.September 2006
    Theme: Sequence defined polymers: A platform to tailor macromolecules for the biomedical field.

  • 1st EUCHEMS, Budapest; Hungary
    27. August-1.September 2006
    Theme: Supramolecular Nano- and Microfibers via Peptide Guided Assembly.

  • Biological and Biomimetic Systems 2006, Berlin, Germany
    26.-28. June 2006
    Theme: Artificial Bio-fibers: Bio-mimetic Structure Formation in Synthetic Polymers.

  • Henkel KGaA
    24. April 2006
    Theme: "Bioconjugates" Syntheses, Applications and Potentials.

  • Polymers in Life Sciences, PILS 2005; Basel
    4.-5. April 2006
    Theme: Peptide-Guided Assembly of Synthetic Polymers into Polymer Nanofibers.

  • 6th Symposium on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering; Istanbul
    15.-19. August 2005
    Theme: Bio-Mimetic Organization of Synthetic Polymers into Nano-Structured Polymer Fibers.

  • ACS Meeting 2005; Division of Polymer Chemistry; Washington
    27. September-2. October 2005
    Theme: Macromolecular Chimera via Controlled Radical Polymerization Techniques.

  • Degussa AG; Kommunikationscluster Polymerhaus; Polymere und Biotechnologie
    25.-27. November 2004
    Theme: "Macromolecular Chimera" Syntheses - Applications - Potentials.

  • Europolymer Conferences (EUPOC 2004); Gargnano (Italy) Organized, polymer-based structures in water and their applications
    30. May-4. June 2004
    Theme: "Protein-Polymer-Hybrids" Approaches to Compatibilize Biological and Synthetic Systems.

  • Spectroscopy & Dynamics of Molecular Coils & Aggregates; Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
    17.-20. March 2004
    Theme: "Molecular Chimera" Borrowing Organization Principles of Proteins for Ordering Synthetic Polymer Systems.

  • Arbeitskreisseminar von Prof. Nuyken, TU Munich
    19. February 2004
    Theme: "Molecular Chimera" Active Interfaces of Biological and Synthetic Mater.

  • DECHEMA-AA9-Polyreaktionen
    20.-21. Januar 2004
    Theme: Integration von Polypeptiden in synthetische Polymere: Spielerei oder Notwendigkeit?