Advancing Drug Formulation Additives toward Precision Additives with Release Mediating Peptide Interlayer

New Paper in Journal of the American Chemical Society has been published

Amphiphilic drug formulation additives based on palmitic acid-modified poly(ethylene glycol) (Pal-PEG) are combined with a tailored drug binding peptide that is positioned at the hydrophobic–hydrophilic interface. The peptide originates from combinatorial selection and enables precise modulation of the drug release profiles. While Pal provides a cost-effective reservoir for drug storage, the PEG realizes solubility and shielding. The precision additives reach high payloads close to 1:1, rendering a photosensitizer water-soluble and providing adjustable drug activation kinetics by fine-tuning the peptide interface layer.

doi: 10.1021/jacs.6b03604