J.-F. Lutz (Institut Charles Sadron, UPR22 CNRS, Strasbourg) and H. G. Börner (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin) organized the EUPOC 2014 on precision polymers.

The objective of this conference will be to discuss a new side of macromolecular research: “Precision Polymers”. In particular, this conference will highlight new directions in polymer synthesis. Indeed, we believe that the polymer chemists of the 21st century have to explore options, which are beyond conventional macromolecular engineering. For instance, the control over polymer architectures is nowadays not a challenge anymore. Recent tools such as controlled radical polymerizations or “click” chemistry allow a fine control of polymer architectures. On the other hand, our tools for controlling the primary structure (i.e. tacticity and sequences) and secondary structures (i.e. foldamers) of synthetic or bio-hybrid macromolecules are still very rudimentary. Yet, as learned from nucleic acids and proteins science, the control of these parameters is probably essential to attain new generations of polymer materials with controlled molecular functions. In this context, we would like to invite in Gargnano key speakers working at the interface of polymer chemistry and organic synthesis.